The vision of Word of Life Christian Outreach Center is embodied in our vision statement, "Touching the World for Jesus." Word of Life is an Apostolic/Prophetic church, with a mission to establish, develop and offer ongoing support to ministries both nationally and internationally. Over the years we have provided support for ministries in West Africa, Philippines, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as providing direct missionary work in these countries.

We believe that a part of fulfilling our call is to provide training to develop and enhance the five-fold ministry gifts, thus enabling them to preach and teach the gospel throughout the world. Much of our focus also necessarily involves preparing Christian men and women for leadership, thus enabling local churches to function effectively and powerfully in these later days. To this end, our goal is to establish a School of Ministry that will credential and prepare Godly Men and Women for end time ministry.

Lastly, we are a church where the word is taught with power and conviction. We covet the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit in our midst, and yield to His direction and flow. We are instruments of the Father to continually create the miracle atmosphere in our church, and provide a spiritual refreshing to those who are weary.