Course Descriptions:

Homiletics:  Homiletics is designed to acquaint the student with practical principles of preaching and teaching.  It is through the "foolishness" of preaching that God has chosen to reach the world.  This class will give you the framework from which the Holy Spirit can build a word that will transform a life.        

Apologetics:  The successful student will derive a critical understanding of the Christian Worldview as opposed to the prominent false worldviews dominant in America.  The course also examines in detail how these worldviews originated, and what is next for Christians and America, as a result of the false worldviews that are so prominently accepted.  The class then prepares students to "be prepared to give and answer" to everyone for the faith they have through detailed proff of the truth of Christianity.  Tools will be provided to answer doubts students and others may have to the Churstian faith. 

The Book of Daniel: This course will give a detailed account of the future from the Prophet Daniel's writings.  How did Daniel observe world history from a divine viewpoint?  The student will gain an understanding of the Prophet's dreams and visions, including his account of the rise and fall of earthly empires, the rule of the Antichrist, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.  

The Book of Revelation:  This course explores the prophetic literatures as written by John in the Book of Revelation.,  Through a detailed study of this book; with its figurative language and apocalyptic events, students taking this course will examine the dimension of who Jesus is and His ministry towards man.  God's divine plan for the end of the Church Age will be explored, along with the final war and destruction of Satan, as the unparalleled events of human history unfold.      

Hermeneutics:  We are told in the scriptures that we are to rightly divide the Word of God.  In this class students learn how to interpret the scriptures accurately.  Principles are given that will keep the Bible student in truth and out of error.  This course is imperative for all those who plan on preaching or teaching God's Word.    

Ministry of Helps:  A presentation of key principles pertaining to the gift of helps comprises the bulk of this course.  The ministry of helps is vital to any growing ministry.  each nuance of this gift and how to build it structurally into the local church setting is explored.   

Principles of Prayer: This course is designed to examine the scriptures on the principles of prayer and to help the students prepare to pray with greater confidence and effectiveness.  The New Testament reveals that much power is made available through the effective and dervent prayer of the saints.  This class will In this class students learn how to interpret the scriptures accurately.  Principles are given that will keep the Bible student in truth and out of error.  This course is imperative for all those who plan on preaching or teaching Dod's Word.    

Pattern for Revival, The Tabernacle:  God is moving by His Spirit in these last days like no time in human history.  Yet, to fully understand the present move of God it is important to examine the patterns that led to the great visitations of God to ancient Israel.  "Pattern for Revival" takes the student on a journey into the innermost courts of God's presence.  The Old Testament pattern given to Moses on Mount Sinai presents, in type, what every Christian can experience, in reality, in their Christian walk.  This great course will catapult the student to heightened vistas and into expanded dimensions of spiritual renewal.  

Theology of Praise & Worship:  All worship is motivated by a theology, but is that theology biblically based.  What does the Bible say about the worship and adoration of God?  This course will examine and provide an understanding, through the study of scripture, of the purpose and power of praise and worship for the believer.  

Basic Christian Doctrine:  This course is for every born again believer, who wants to grow and mature in their relationship with God.  Here the student will be instructed in the basic building blocks of foundational truth.  They will explore the basic doctrines of Christ, understand and be able to identify their motivational gifts, the ministry gifts, and the gifts of the Spirit that operate in the church today.  

The Authority of the Believer:  In Mathew 28:18 Jesus said that, "all power has been given to me in heaven and in earth."  The Scripture states very clearly that we are joint heirs with him.  In this course we discuss the rights and privileges that the believer has been given by our Father, and how to access that authority for victorious living, in Christ.  

Social Media Marketing:  This class is being offered specifically to assist churches in marketing to the community at large, with the express purpose of meeting the needs of the community and fulfilling the mandate of God.  Students will learn the current social media landscape and understand the tools and platforms that meet their specific needs.  The successful student will complete a course assignment that requires developing a social media marketing plan for their church.  

Pastoral Counseling:  This class will provide a foundation to understanding the role of the pastor as it relates to ministering to the psychological and theological needs of their respective congregations.  We will explore the historical and cultural contexts that developed pastoral counseling, and examine interventions for typical human situations such as, death, illness, trauma, birth, marriage and divorce.  


 Romans:  Here, we will explore throughly the historical background and context of Paul's letter to the Romans.  It is one of the most fascinating and powerful books written and provides, without a doubt, a most clear and concise systematic theology.  The course will offer a critical examinstion of the important doctrines of sin, salvation, justification, sanctification and man, that make this book a theological masterpiece.  

Introduction to Missions:  This course provides an introduction to the theology of the Christian Mission in the Old and New Testaments, the responsibilities of the individual, the pastor, and the local church in implementing a missionary vision are given particular attention.  Introduction to Missions will examine the missionary's motives, objectives, calling, qualifications, and preparation as well as the spirtual and cultural life of the missionary in the field.  

Other Available Courses:

Church History II, Hermeneutics, Understanding Righteousness, Ministry of Helps, Principles of Prayer, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Discipleship, Christ the Healer, Ministering by the Holy Spirit, A Global Ministry






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